rama food, pad thai, banh pho tuoi, fresh rice noodle
fresh rice noodle, banh pho tuoi, pho noodle,

Rama Food Manufacture Corp.

Located in Ontario, California, we specialize in manufacturing fresh rice stick noodles everyday from traditional recipes while utilizing the latest packaging technologies to promptly deliver and pack all noodles to ensure its freshness. Our noodles can be found in most Oriental markets and retail outlets throughout the nation.

Please contact us for immediately nation-wide delivery to wholesale, distributors, markets, and restaurants. 

We carefully screen and select all our raw materials and its vendors to ensure the fullest quality product. 

Our products are prepared and made daily and quickly packed to ensure freshness.

Unlike instant noodles, all our noodles are steamed and not fried. As such, they are low in fat and calories. The noodles are also gluten free.

Unlike dry noodles that may require to be pre-soaked and over 10 minutes to cook, our noodles are ready in 5-10 seconds
in boiling water.